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We continue working to reach 100, 000 people, including 32,000 children and adolescents.

It has been four months since the September earthquakes that caused the death of 369 people, 250, 000 collapsed homes and millions of people living with uncertainty and fear. In Save the Children we continue working in the affected areas to keep supporting children and their families who still need help.

According to data from the Federal Government, 60,302 homes require partial or total reconstruction, only 25% of them have been rebuilt, so thousands of families are still living in shelters, yards, dangerous buildings or even on the street.

Children are the most vulnerable in this situation, so our work can not stop until we can guarantee normalcy in their lives.

Where are we working?

Oaxaca: Juchitan, Asuncion Ixtaltepec and Coatecas Altas

Puebla: Atlixco, Tepapayeca, San Mateo Ozolco and San Lucas Atzala

Morelos: Xochitepec, Huejotengo and San Miguel Huepalcalco

Mexico City: 21 Elementary Schools y 117 Child Development Centers

State of Mexico: 23 Child Development Centers

What have we done in the last weeks?

We benefited 51, 362 people directly, from which 22,360 are children.


  • 71 Back to School Campaigns taught

  • 11 temporary schools establishes in Puebla (Ozolco, Atzala y Tepapayeca and Morelos (Huepalcalco)

  • 193 spaces (preschool, elementary and high school) attended.

  • 180 educators and teachers in Mexico City and Morelos on topics related to education in emergencies trained

  • 7,820 learning kits for children and adolescents delivered


  • 6 water filters in shelters delivered

  • 15 garbage containers in shelters installed

  • 660 cleaning kits distributed

  • 16,500 Household (clothing, footwear, pantry and mattress) kits delivered

  • 140 cleaning campaigns carried out

  • 45 Hygiene promotion campaigns given

  • 1 water tank donated to a shelter

Psycho Emotional Support

  • 174 Child Friendly Spaces established in shelters

  • 21,497 children benefited

  • 1,715 parents sessions of psycho emotional support

  • 754 teachers trained to provide this kind of support

Our future actions

  • Install 7 additional temporary classrooms

  • 20,000 cleaning kits will be deliver

  • 12,180 learning kits will be deliver

  • Carry out “hygiene” campaigns, “psycho emotional” and “Child Protections” in 193 educational spaces.

  • Train teachers on disaster risk reduction and education in emergencies in Puebla, Morelos and Oaxaca.

  • Workshops on disaster risk reduction for children

  • 500 emergency backpacks deliver for schools

  • Generate a preventive plan for emergencies in 193 spaces

  • Support the improvement of infrastructure in schools

  • Improve living conditions of families through income generating alternatives


These actions are only possible with the support of the people and companies who are committed to the needs of children and their families in emergency.

Thank you!